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What are the total charges? Which items are allowed to import?

Please check www.importfox.com/order to find all charges and to calculate your bill before ordering! Or just call us at 03111-383-428

Similarly, you can also message us on facebook here: www.fb.com/importfox

Items allowed: Clothing, Handbags, Shoes, Accessories, Cosmetics, Medicines
Items not allowed: Electronics, Big Home Decor, Big kitchen items etc.

I have a credit card, why should I use ImportFox instead of just ordering from the brand's website myself?

Most brands do not ship to Pakistan directly. Most brands also do not accept Pakistani credit cards anymore. Once your products go through Pakistan customs clearance department, the chances are that you will most likely end up paying twice the amount of total product prices. Shop using ImportFox to save time and money!

Once I have placed an order, how soon will I receive it?

We order products in batches. Please see the Order Page for the next batch booking and delivery dates. Please remember: we don’t send out volumetric boxes items like shoes etc.

What happens if there's a delay?

We get that question alot!

Short-answer: delays are always a part of import business considering too many authorities are involved in the overall process. That’s why we only commit “estimated” delivery dates in all our communication

Long answer: We are an import agency that facilitates just as a bridge b/w customers & brands in the UK. Delays could be from the brand side or from the airline side and in some cases, there are delays at the local airport level due to extensive customs’ inspection processes. We cannot own delays caused by a 3rd party (brand, airline, customs or local couriers). We are just a platform that joins all the dots for you to shop international brands

Can I order from any other brand that is not listed in the 'Order Now' page?

Just message us at www.fb.com/importfox

What is the exchange policy?

We follow the same exchange policy of the brand. You can check exchange policies of each brand at their individual websites.

At what instances can my order be rejected?

Since we only operate with Cash On Delivery payment method for your ease, we have a strict verification process. Failure to provide all the required information in the ordering form can lead to order rejection

How do I change/cancel my order?

Let us know via an email or a call within 30mins after placing your order if you’d like to change or cancel the order

hello@importfox.com | 03111-383-428